ISO 20000 27000 Information Technology Service Management

What exactly is ISO 20000? Find out how ISO 20000 could benefit your company
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There is no need to worry. This overview will help you comprehend the reason why ISO 20000 is beneficial for your business. Learn about what the ISO 20000 requirements are, and the specific steps you must take to get certified.

The basic concepts of ISO 20000: A quick introduction
ISO 20000 (International Standard for IT Service Management) is an international standard for IT Service Management published by ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) and ICE (the International Electoral Commission). ISO 20000 must be approved by the majority of members of all countries to be accepted as an international standard. Check this Information technology - Service management link.

This standard describes a set procedures for managing your IT that can help you provide better IT services to customers and your employees. ISO 20000 gives you the methodology and the framework for managing your ITSM and allows you to show that your organization follows best practice. The standard will help you get the best practices and improve the quality of your IT service. ISO 20000 applies to all sizes of companies and industries.

What is the difference between ISO 20000 and ITIL? ISO 20000 differ from ITIL.
The main difference between ISO 20000 (and ITIL) is that ISO 20000 offers the methodology and framework that can assist you in creating the ITSM puzzle. ITIL however gives you the best practices and details about how to handle each IT process in your company (i.e. How to connect it all.

An excellent way to think of it as ISO 20000 says what you need to do, while ITIL will show you how to accomplish it.

ISO 20000 does not work in isolation. It is possible to implement it in isolation of ITIL but they work well together.
ITIL isn't a set of standards. ITIL is a framework of best practices that connects your IT services with the bigger business objectives. ITIL certification is not possible for businesses. You can only follow the guidelines for best practices.
ISO 20000 is based upon the ITIL basic principles and may be certified against by your company.
Individuals who are looking for excellence in ITSM are able to be certified in accordance with ISO 20000 and ITIL (e.g. The basic course is covered below).
ISO 20000 certification for organizations is essentially the evidence that the best practices have been followed. While certification to ISO 20000 is not mandatory, ITIL can be achieved by following an ITIL approach to IT service management. To learn more, read our whitepaper "ITIL vs ISO 20000." See this ISO 27000 for more.

It is crucial to reach the core of ISO 20000.
Understanding the connection between IT and the success of your organization and ISO 20000 is essential to fully appreciate its importance. IT will help you achieve your organizational goals. IT is a key element to how you conduct business.

IT can be used to beat your competitors, reach greater audience and be more effective and efficient. IT can help you grow your revenue, lower costs, and improve your reputation.

It's important to make sure you maximize your investment in IT. This means that IT services should be well developed to be planned, controlled, and then delivered. IT projects often fail or exceed budget, when there's poor IT service management. Management of ongoing costs can be difficult and often leads to businesses failing before they achieve any kind of return on investment.

You will only succeed if you have high-quality IT management guidelines. It is possible to achieve the ISO 20000 standard.

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